How to Market your Blog Across Social Media and Your List in 10 Minutes - Tiana Gustafson

How to Market your Blog Across Social Media and Your List in 10 Minutes

Ever wonder how all those online marketers and bloggers you follow put out so much content and get their numbers online up so quickly?

The way to market your blog quickly happens when you have a specific system in place.

In today’s Video Training I’m going to show you my system to how I QUICKLY market new blog posts across social media AND THEN how turn the blog post into a newsletter to send to my list.

In this Short Video you will learn:

  • How to Use ONE Simple Trick to Share your Blog Across all Social Media
  • The trick to sharing¬†Blog Posts Across Facebook Pages and Groups (from one place)
  • How to Share your Blog Post across Twitter, Google & LinkedIn
  • How to Optimize your Blog Post when you share to Pinterest
  • How to turn your Blog Post into a Newsletter and send to your List

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Author: Tiana Gustafson

"Tiana Gustafson is the owner of Firefly Media and creator of the popular Freedom Planner. With her undergrad from Berklee College of Music and her Masters Degree in New Media Marketing from Full Sail University Tiana is passionate about teaching others how to create online marketing funnels that work."

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