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Chill out this Summer while your Business Sizzles

Chill Out this Summer while your Business Sizzles.

Summer is HERE!  Watermelon, beach days, and a lawn chair is calling your name. As an entrepreneur, however, it can be a time of stress and anxiety with kids off school, travel plans and the temptation to not work as much…or for some, work TOO much.

There are two main categories of entrepreneurs when it comes to summer and “working.”

Neither of these are very healthy, though, so let’s figure out which way you usually swing so we can plan a NEW way to stay chill while keeping your business sizzling.

Type #1 The Overachiever Mole:

You spend all summer holed up in your office trying to figure out the latest technology and then wake up after Labor day realizing you just missed out on working away the LIFE you’re supposed to be living.

aboutType #2 The Carefree Stressor:

“The Hills are alive…with the sound of summer…ahhh” (that’s you singing right now). To you, it’s S-U-M-M-E-R and You are DONE with work, what work? Let the fun begin! Then you wake up mid-August with no money in the bank, no leads in your inbox and wonder “How did that happen?” So the “carefree spirit” turns to “stressed out” quickly. (You may also be thinking  “Note to self: “Oh yeah, I’m not in school, I have to work to make money.”)

But don’t worry- there’s a THIRD Type of Summer Entrepreneur that I would like to introduce you to. The good news is that YOU,  no matter where you are in your business…even YOU can choose to become… The Summer Sizzler…This type of Chilled Out Entrepreneur understands the importance of scheduling, organization and automation so their business stays HOT HOT HOT while they chill by the beach. Keep Reading…

Type #3 The Summer Sizzler:

You spend the beginning of the summer scheduling out your new schedule. Instead of fighting against the changes, you go through your June, July and August planner and schedule in your daily/weekly goals and appointments. You also schedule in your fun vacations and relaxing family time. It’s important to stay balanced, of course. Most importantly you have your entire Online System on auto-pilot so whether at the office or at the beach you gain NEW LEADS and NEW SALES daily and weekly thanks to your automation and organization. Talk about SIZZLE!

Sound too good to be true? It’s NOT.

Today I want to introduce you to my Sizzling Online Marketing Schedule. Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’ve been at this a while, YOU TOO can begin to automate your leads and sales this summer. Take a load off, get a pen and paper and let’s plan the most profitable and FUN summer of your life!

I’m going to give you 3 areas to focus on with 3 corresponding daily tasks to focus in on this summer. These strategies are simple to follow yet highly effective. Commit to these daily habits and you’ll stay automated, organized and focused with extra time to spend outside…or in a movie theater …or whatever your version of SUMMER FUN is!


Social Media & Connecting:

  • Set a timer and schedule out your resource driven social media posts (at least 3 posts a day to stay in most Social Media algorithms). You can schedule out posts using tools like Hootsuite or even just Facebook’s scheduler.
  • Explore Facebook & LinkedIn Business Groups providing value driven posts and comments.
  • Reach out to 10 new “ideal client” leads in those groups adding them as “friends” and new “Connections”.

List Building and Funnels:

  • Login to your Newsletter Service & see how many new leads came in overnight.
  • Check on the conversion percentages of your lead page/website funnels and make any tweaks/adjustments as needed.
  • Invite your social media followers to “opt-in” to your free guide or training and provide your Lead Page or website link.

(Note: If you don’t know what I mean by “new leads came in overnight” or “tweaking Lead Pages and Website Funnels”- don’t worry…click here to learn more about an inclusive free training I provide.) 

Daily Business Organization:

  • Go through your planner in the morning and make sure it matches up with any appointments and daily goals you have.
  • At the end of the day tally up the total income you generated. (Remember, it’s important to stay honest with yourself. If you’re not on track, you can always catch up if you’re committed to your tasks and goals.)
  • Schedule in work, family and fun time each day to stay balanced and refreshed.

For BONUS points check out these Weekly Activities to schedule in and REALLY set your business ON FIRE!

  • Set aside a 3-hour block to implement new marketing funnels.
  • Create a high value blog post with media (pictures/video/audio).
  • Email your list with a link to your blog post plus any specials or sales. (For more on how to share your Blog across many platforms check out my Blog & Video Tutorial on Syndication.)

The summer sizzler entrepreneur (the new YOU) understands it takes a strategy in order to get,and stay,  automated & organized. However, although the set up portion isn’t the “easiest” once everything is in place, once you turn these new tasks into HABITS you can then CHILL OUT with the confidence that your business stays HOT while you can relax and have fun!


Get In Touch: I’d LOVE to personally support you in your quest for Online Automation and Domination. I have a FREE Facebook Business Group on Facebook as well as I offer entrepreneurs serious about growing their business a Free Online Marketing Strategy Session. CLICK HERE to apply for a session now.

Author: Tiana Gustafson

"Tiana Gustafson is the owner of Firefly Media and creator of the popular Freedom Planner. With her undergrad from Berklee College of Music and her Masters Degree in New Media Marketing from Full Sail University Tiana is passionate about teaching others how to create online marketing funnels that work."

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  1. I’m stuck in the Overachiever category, but working to change that! I’m currently working on my list building and funnels. Working to make it a seamless experience that works even in my sleep so I can make it to the “Summer Sizzler” category! 🙂

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