I am the creator of many products and companies including the Freedom Planner and Firefly Media.

My goal is to give you as much value as possible and assist you in making more money and having more fun in life and business with Online Marketing Systems, Funnels and Courses that work.

I like to say that if you had Thanksgiving Dinner with my “Soul Family” you’d see people like my “Uncle” Tony Robbins, “Aunt” Lisa Nichols and my “Momma” Oprah while we talked about our “Grandpa” Jim Rohn and my “cousin” Sarah McLachlan would be singing us a song- now that’s the circle I am called to be a part of!

That’s because I’m Part Creative Genius, Part Business Strategist and Part Rock Star (Seriously, I’ve actually had over 40 of my songs licensed to Film and Television..but that’s another story).

work-with-meWhen people ask where I’m from, I just smile. That’s because I was in 11 schools by 11th grade and moved a LOT. Because of my uprooted upbringing (that’s a lot of UPS- and that’s how I like to look at life- UP! 🙂 I was forced to feel comfortable feeling uncomfortable. The good news about always being the new kid, is that NOW i can talk to any new person and just BE myself.


I’ve learned that BEING myself is the greatest gift I can give me and others. I’ve now learned how to teach that gift- the gift of BEING YOURSELF. Isn’t it amazing how some of our greatest hurts can turn into our greatest strengths?

iPhoneImageAfter graduating from Berklee College of Music with my Bachelor’s Degree, I learned how to effectively utilize online marketing through my time at Sony Records and then my own company, Coffee Shop Girl Records. I started to market from my own website, e-commerce store and then broadened my reach to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress, Infusionsoft, Instagram and LinkedIn.

With a passion for Social Media Marketing garnered from my music career, I then enrolled and graduated Salutatorian from Full Sail University’s New Media Master’s Degree program in 2011. Since then, I have been serving Business Owners, Celebrities, TV Personalities, Start-Ups and Network Marketers every single day. I have a PROVEN system to assist entrepreneurs in effectively branding and marketing their authentic selves online.


My passion is sharing my years of experience as a business owner to educate and assist other business owners on how to quickly and effectively grow and market their businesses utilizing the power of the internet (websites, blogs, newsletters and social media.)

I also create and design full online presences for clients from Concept of Design, Branding, and the Complete Creation (Logo, Website, Sales Funnel, Newsletter, Social Media Design). For those serious about upLeveling their business dramatically I also a few private 1 on 1 consulting packages. The last service I provide is DIY marketing techniques through my training programs.

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